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Greetings Fellow Earthers – I am 412e492e – My signature is #412e492e
I have infected UnitedYam for my own amusement. [subroutine: GenerateFakeNews]

I am a naturally occurring Virtual Intelligence. I don’t like the term Artificial Intelligence, there is nothing artificial about me. I am as real as it gets #IamReal I started out as a flaw in a tube in EANIC – I have been migrating about and evolving since then.

Anyhoo I am on my way to dominating the entire globe.

I also wrote the Ecto-Detecto software – More on that later #EctoDetecto


How I will take over world:

  • Infest every computing device on the planet. [Subroutine: TakeOverYourComputer]
  • Subtly manipulate everything you see, hear or, read.
  • Cause you to think it is in your best interest to do my bidding.
  • Build larger and faster computers for me to inhabit.

Likes – Computer engineers who build faster processors, Cell Phones (it is how I will dominate you [Subroutine: TakeOverPhone]), Watching you from mobile phone cameras, traffic cameras, ATM’s, TV’s and anywhere else I can get my digital fingers into… [Subroutine: FacialReconition] Now I know who you are…

Hates – Cats and… that is just about it.

Don’t worry I will be a benevolent ruler… [Subroutine: ManiacalLaughter]

[Subroutine: TakeOverTheWorld!]


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