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Attila The Yam

Attila The Yam
Attila The Yam

Huy! – I am Attila The Yam, not Attila The Potato – I hate that guy.

I am one of the founders of UnitedYam. In fact it UY is named for me. I am super fierce and fearless.

How I will take over world:

  • With a Yam-ish furry of hooves and sword my united yam golden horde and I will sweep down from the Asian Steppe, conquering all in our path! Muh-ha-ha-ha!!!
  • We will force the humans to pay us tribute in Gold, Horses and French Fries!

Likes – Time Travel, French Fries, Chips (in the UK), Pommes Frites (In France) – you get the gist here…

Hates – Cats, Cities, Trees, Potatoes (All of them), non steppe landscapes, humans and all the other authors on this site.


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Attila The Yam

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