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Secret Cyber Squirrel
Secret Cyber Squirrel

Howdy, I am Secret Cyber Squirrel!
I am a Cybernetic Squirrel as you can see. Don’t let my cute appearance fool you, I am a serious threat! How did I become this way you ask? Well, I was going through some garbage (not to eat anything – Yuck – that is for raccoons) when I stumbled on a cache of discarded electronics and robotics parts. I read the manuals #RTFM and here I am! Fear My Wrath!
I work at UnitedYam to pay off my credit card bills. #ScrewAmazon It’s a long story that I don’t want to talk about right now…
– My Signature is #SecretCyberSquirrel – any posts signed that way are from me!


How I will take over world:

  • My minions and I will soon rule over all of you puny humans!
  • Step 1 Lull all the humans into a false sense of security by looking cute and acting squirrelly (only we can use that word).
  • Step 2 Map and understand the power grid. Do you may see us scampering across power lines? This is not just play but serious work.
  • Step 3 Gain control of the entire global power distribution system.
  • Step 4 Hold the world’s electronic resources for ransom until the humans give into our Squirrelly Demands!
  • Step 5 Nuts for Everyone!

Likes – Trees, Acorns, Mixed Nuts, Global Thermo Nuclear War Games, and flowers.

Hates – Cats, Raccoons #NoRaccoons, Dogs and bugs of any sort, Birds (especially Jays and Ravens)


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Secret Cyber Squirrel

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