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Travel-R Moose

Hullo! I am Travel-R The Insult Moose and one day you will all bow down before me!
I am a SENIOR EDITOR here at UnitedYam.
My Signature (so you can know it is me) is… #TravelR

I’m just a little Moose bent on World Domination! Nothing to see here… Move along…
I am an intergalactic traveler and master of disguise. You will never see me coming. I like to travel around the solar system and have my picture taken. Watch for me. Ever since I was a little kid I dreamt of being Master of the Universe! When the other moose were wondering around eating plants and stuff, I was planning and scheming. Several of my plots to become Master of the Universe have failed #ScrewFacebook but, this time I will succeed! Prepare to bow down!

How I will take over world:

  • Become a purveyor of “Fake News”
  • ???
  • Take over the Universe
  • Rule with an Iron Hoove

Likes – Long walks on the beach, sunsets, Antlers and Global Domination.

Hates – Ants (what are they up to down there?), the State of Connecticut (they know why!), people, animals, plants and pretty much everything else, especially cats!

You can read more about my favorite subject -Me- Here!

Final thought #BiteMe


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