Creating a National Safe Space – German Thought-Police

The German government has approved a new bill for combating hate speech and fake news to create a National Safe Space. Under this new law social networks will face hefty fines if they fail to remove “offensive content” promptly. Germany is known for having some of the world’s toughest Safe Space speech laws, and now the government wants social media companies like Facebook and Twitter to get in line.
In a cringe worthy move a new Law introduced by German Justice and Truth Minister Heiko Maas, is aimed at forcing social network giants such as Facebook or Twitter to take more responsibility for the content posted by users and to make it compliant with Strict German Hate Speech Laws. Online companies that fail to delete content tagged as offensive to Safe Space within the time frame set in the new bill would face fines of up to €50 million (US$53 million).

This move provoked the Ghost of George Orwell to appear in the office of the German Chancellor and Big Sister Angela Merkel.

Ghost of George Orwell yells at Angela Merkel - Safe Space
Ghost of George Orwell yells at Angela Merkel – Safe Space

Using United Yam’s own Proprietary software, #EctoDetecto, our own #412e492e was able to enhance the above image. This allows us to see the ghost of George Orwell in his confrontation with the German Ruler. Orwell’s Ghost remained in Merkel’s office for about 20 minutes. “There was much Screaming” said one official. Orwell who wrote 1984 and Animal Farm as a warning looked appalled at this new German legislation.

“Today Germany, tomorrow the world!”
“We will make Germany a National Safe Space, Next the whole European Union, Than the Whole World!”
“This is the beginning of the end of so called Free Speech”
“Social Justice Warriors will applaud our efforts”

Said one unnamed official from the German Ministry of Truth.


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