A Few Flow Charts of “Offensive” Costumes

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Does your child’s Halloween costume “represent a stereotype” such as “terrorist” or “urban ghetto dweller?” Does it involve changing the color of their skin? Does it allude to a culture that is not the child’s own, such as a kimono, a turban or a feather headdress? Does it “mock” transgender people? Is it based on “tragic or violent historical moments,” such as “slave” or “cowboy and Indian” role play?

Raciest Halloween Costumes

The Student union at my university, has decided to explicitly ban certain types of costumes at the 2016 annual Halloween party. There are concerns that some costumes, particularly those that mimic or parody other religious, ethnic, or sexual orientation groups, can offend the group in question.

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15 Of The Most Offensive Halloween Costumes Ever

So where does this leave us on the question of offensive Halloween costumes? Some common sense and cultural awareness (and sensitivity) are clearly called for. If you consider yourself to not be racist (or homophobic etc), you can bring your behavior in-line with your own attitudes, avoiding outfits that offend members of these groups. More to the point, why not be creative and develop a clever outfit, or a unique and personal one that communicates your identity or values, rather than propping up tired stereotypes?

Indeed, why not leave the tired and outdated caricatures of other groups aside this year? You don’t have to be loud, abrasive, or self-righteous about it either. Toronto Blue Jay broadcaster Jerry Howarth has quietly refused to use team names that are deemed offensive to indigenous peoples (for instance, he talks about the Cleveland team, not the Cleveland Indians). He changed his behavior after being contacted by a fan who pointed out that some people consider team names like the -Cleveland Indians- or “Washington Redskins” offensive and inappropriate. Howarth’s response was not to be outraged, indignant, or defensive. Rather, he stopped using those terms of reference. The fact that no-one seemed to notice, over a 25 year stretch of broadcasting baseball games, goes to show that tired and offensive caricatures have no place in modern discourse.

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