Giant Ants Invade Moscow

In a bizarre twist of twisty bizarreness a hive of Giant Ants has been uncovered in Red Square, Moscow!

Russian Tanks of the 99 Shock Army Guards rushed to defend the Capital!

ants invade moscow tanks in red square



Known Time Traver and Russian Super-Hero Vladimir Putin ran to Red Square with Flamethrower in hand to help the 77 Tank Army fend off the six legged threat:

Putin Flamethrower



Tourists scrambled to safety hopefully in time.

Ants invade Moscow tourist bitten
Ants invade Moscow tourist bitten!


The hilariously large Ants probably escaped from Enhanced Vital Industrial Labs in Kukistan and made their way to Moscow. With the help of Putin the hive was destroyed. Stay tuned to United Yam for more information on Cryptozoology, Ghost and Pseudoscience.

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