Hitler Lived! – CIA Memo Reveals

According to newly declassified documents from the JFK files, the CIA received reports in the 1950’s that Adolf Hitler had escaped Germany and was living among former Nazi’s in Colombia. The CIA’s bureau chief in Venezuela had passed the information onto his superiors, along with a picture of a man “who strongly resembled and claimed to be” Hitler.

Recently declassified documents from the CIA archives reveal the testimony of a man who claimed to have met Hitler in Colombia in the 1950s. The informant, a German SS trooper, claimed that a man named Adolf Schritteimayor was living in a community of former Nazis who greeted him with the Nazi salute- and he had a photograph to prove it.

CIA told Hitler was alive after World War II

The US investigated claims that Adolf Hitler survived World War II and was living in Colombia in the 1950s, according to CIA documents.

The documents have

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CIA told Adolf Hitler ‘alive and living under new identity’ in Colombia in 1955

An informant told agents the Nazi leader may have survived World War II after all

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According to Citroen, many former Nazis were living in Tunja and were “addressing him -the alleged Hitler- as ‘der Fuhrer’ and affording him the Nazi salute and storm-trooper adulation.” The intelligence agency did not take the claim seriously, however, and suggested that “this matter be dropped” because “enormous efforts -to confirm the rumors- could be expanded on this matter with remote possibilities of establishing anything concrete.”

It is widely believed that Adolf Hitler committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin on April 30, 1945 by gunshot and cyanide shortly before the Soviet army overtook the city. His body was buried in an unmarked grave.

Hitler’s fate has been subject to widespread speculation. According to a report in 2009, Soviet KGB agents burned Hitler’s remains in 1970 and threw them into a river in Germany based on orders by then chief Yuri Andropov. According to the report, the bodies of Hitler, his companion Eva Braun and the Goebbels family were discovered by the Soviet Army in May 1945.

But such account sparked more doubts. Nick Bellantoni of the University of Connecticut in 2009 analyzed a piece of a skull that Russia claimed it belonged to Hitler, but the scientist confirmed that it rather came from a 20 to-40-year-old woman.

Hitler Death
Hitler Death

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German Chancelor and leader of the Nazi Party of Germany Adolf Hitler poses
German Chancelor and leader of the Nazi Party of Germany Adolf Hitler poses

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