The New German Prime Minister

Germany looks set to hold its federal election on Sunday September 24, 2017. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said the cabinet had suggested that date to the president, who tends to agree with the government’s proposal.
The federal election must take place before October 22 and recent elections have been held in late September to avoid school holidays.
German politics is unraveling at the moment with the rise of the AfD and with the major party losing support.

Despite the criticism of Merkel and her sinking support, a majority of voters support the idea of her remaining Chancellor. Her popularity is much weaker than it was months and years ago but it is still at a level of more than 40%. Mrs Merkel has for the first time signaled that she might step back from her deeply unpopular open-door migration policy.

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The New German Prime Minister
The New German Prime Minister

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