Nude ‘Mona Lisa’ Discovered

Experts May Have Found ‘Nude Mona Lisa’ Sketched By Leonardo Da Vinci Before His Famous Painting

If you have ever seen Leonardo da Vinci’s works, you know just how breathtaking they are. The Renaissance man was a jack-of-all-trades, and when it came to mathematics and art, he was one of the best — and considered a genius. He had several students who based their art on Leonardo’s work. For decades, people…

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New tests on a centuries-old charcoal drawing have revealed that it may have been a starting point for da Vinci’s masterpiece.

Scientists and researchers are constantly reexamining classic artworks to find clues about how they were made and details on the artists behind them. Now, a team at the Lourve in Paris believes they may have their hands on a nude drawing linked to the Mona Lisa and created in part by Leonardo da Vinci.

Experts have always believed that the master artist drew or even painted a nude version before creating the Mona Lisa, the Post reports. The 500-year-old sketch, Monna Vanna, certainly looks like it could be linked to the Mona Lisa, with the subject’s similarly crossed arms and tilted head, down to the shape of her fingers.

“The drawing has a quality in the way the face and hands are rendered that is truly remarkable,” Conde Museum curator Mathieu Deldicque, told the Guardian. “It is not a pale copy.”

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