RC Bumper Cars (Set of 2)

RC Bumper Cars (Set of 2)

With the amazing RC Bumper Cars, two opponents zoom around and try to tap each other’s ejector button. A successful hit sends the driver flying with outlandish screaming sounds.

  • Fast-paced test of RC driving skill
    Set includes two bumper cars, two remote controllers, two drivers and instructions
    Two sleek, futuristic-looking vehicles (1 orange, 1 blue)
    Drivers have color-coordinated uniforms that match their vehicles
    Cars have working fans that give the illusion of wind power
    Hit the opponent’s vehicle straight on, or sideswipe it to trigger ejector button
    Drivers are ejected with a cackling cry sound effect
    Sensitive remote control joysticks
    For indoor use only
    Ages 6+

Buy the amazing RC Bumper Cars from SharperImage.com today. Ram your opponent’s vehicle to trigger the ejector button and send the driver flying!


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