Time Traveling Putin spotted in The Pleistocene

Known Time Traver and Russian Super-Hero Vladimir Putin was photographed in the Pleistocene!
This photo taken near what would be come Yekaterinburg , Sverdlovsk, Russia!

Vladimir Putin is known for his time travel adventures. One wonders how he has time to rule over All The Russias
The Pleistocene was the last glacial period, popularly known as the Ice Age, was the most recent glacial period, which occurred from c. 110,000 – c. 11,700 years ago. This most recent glacial period is part of a larger pattern of glacial and interglacial periods known as the Quaternary glaciation (c. 2,588,000 years ago to present). From this point of view, scientists consider this “ice age” to be merely the latest glaciation event in a much larger ice age, one that dates back over two million years and is still ongoing.

Time Traver and Russian Super-Hero Vladimir Putin
Time Traver and Russian Super-Hero Vladimir Putin



picture of the Pleistocene
I just like this picture of the Pleistocene


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