Aurora Dome Sky
It seemed like night, but part of the sky glowed purple

A large purple transparent dome appears to cover much of a starry
sky. A person stands in a field looking toward the unusual spectacle.
Please see the explanation for more detailed information.
It seemed like night, but part of the sky glowed purple.

It was the now famous night of May 10, 2024, when
people over much of the world reported beautiful aurora-filled skies.

The featured image was captured this night during early morning hours from

The panorama is a composite of several 6-second exposures covering
two thirds of the visible sky, with
north in the center,
and processed to heighten the colors and remove electrical wires.

The photographer (in the foreground) reported that the
appeared to flow from a point overhead but
illuminated the sky only toward the

The aurora’s energetic particles originated from
ejected from our Sun over sunspot
AR 6443 a few days before.

This large active region
rotated to the far side of the Sun last week, but
may well survive to
rotate back toward the
Earth next week.


Aurora Dome Sky