Moon and Smoke Rings from Mt. Etna
Yes, but can your volcano do this? To the surprise of some, Mt

A dark mountain ridge is pictured across the foreground
at the bottom. Smoke is rising about the ridge, and a close
inspection reveals that some of this smoke form rings.
The background has a reddish hue, and a crescent Moon
is visible on the upper left.
Please see the explanation for more detailed information.
Yes, but can your volcano do this?

To the
surprise of some,
Mt. Etna emits,
on occasion, smoke rings.

Technically known as
vortex rings,
the walls of the volcano slightly slow the outside of
emitted smoke puffs,
causing the inside gas to move faster.

A circle of low pressure develops so that the emitted puff of
volcanic gas and
loops around in a
a familiar geometric structure that can be surprisingly stable as it rises.

Smoke rings
are quite rare and need a coincidence of the right
of the vent, the right speed of
ejected smoke,
and the relative calmness of the outside atmosphere.

In the
featured image taken about two weeks ago from
multiple volcanic smoke rings are visible.

The scene is shaded by the
red light of a dawn
Sun, while a
crescent Moon
is visible in the background.

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