Solar X Flare as Famous Active Region Returns
It's back

It’s back.

The famous active region on the Sun that created
auroras visible around the Earth
earlier this month
has survived its rotation around the far side of the Sun — and returned.

Yesterday, as it was beginning to reappear on the Earth-facing side,
the region formerly labeled
AR 3664
threw another
major solar flare, again in the highest-energy
X-class range.

The featured video shows the emerging active region
on the lower left, as it was captured by NASA’s Earth-orbiting
Solar Dynamics Observatory
yesterday in
ultraviolet light.

The video is a time-lapse of the entire
Sun rotating over 24 hours.

Watch the lower-left region carefully at
about the 2-second mark to see the powerful
flare burst out.

The energetic particles from that flare and
associated CME are not expected to directly
impact the Earth and trigger impressive auroras, but scientists will keep a
close watch on this unusually
active region over the next two weeks,
as it faces the Earth, to see what develops.


Solar X Flare as Famous Active Region Returns