Word of the Day: graymail

noun: 1. A defense tactic in an espionage trial where the accused threatens to reveal secrets to avoid prosecution. 2. Email that the recipient no longer finds valuable even though it’s not spam. For example, a newsletter from a company where one has shopped. verb tr.: To compel the prosecution to drop charges by threatening to disclose sensitive information.

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Word of the Day: tangent

noun: 1. A line of thought or action that diverges from the main topic or course. 2. A line that touches a curve or a surface at one point but doesn’t cross it. adjective: 1. Straying from the main topic. 2. Touching a curve or a surface at one point without crossing it.

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Famous American Trees

The following is a guest post by Donnie Summerlin, a Digital Projects Archivist at the University of Georgia Libraries in Athens, GA, and by Kerry Huller, a Digital Conversion Specialist in the Serial and Government Publications Division at the Library of Congress. The University of Georgia is the National Digital Newspaper Program awardee for the state of Georgia.

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